Care of your Fish

Your fresh fish is prepared specifically to your requirements within hours of landing on the South West's famous fish market on the quayside at Newlyn.   To maintain the utmost quality of your purchase we recommend the following:-


On arrival, please remove any fish from the plastic bag that you do not wish to freeze and store it in your fridge in a glass, china or stainless steel container with a lid to enable condensation to form, which in turn keeps the fish moist,  DO NOT store in plastic of any form. This process will enable you to keep your fish fresh for up to three days, although we recommend eating it as soon as possible to benefit from the finest fresh flavours.


Vacuum sealing is an excellent way to store your fish in the deep freeze, as all the air is removed from the bag before it is sealed, therefore increasing its shelf life.  It is the air contact with the fish while in the freezer that causes 'freezer burn' and the product begins to spoil, this is where the thick vaccum pouch around the fish is so effective.  Any fish you are going to put into your deep freeze, should be kept in it's plastic packet and frozen immediately, remembering to spread it around the compartment to enable it to freeze quickly.


Should you have any questions at all with regards to storing your fish or shellfish, please do not hesitate to give us a call, we are very happy to advise.